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Know God, Know Courage L.F. Low 2015-09-10 A relationship with God gives you courage to go through anything.
Attitudes part 1 L.F. Low 2014-09-05 Attitudes have the power to cause you to succeed or fail.
Led by the Spirit and Peace L.F. Low 2015-05-14 Being Led by God
Being Thankful 47 L.F. Low 2014-11-26 Being thankful opens heaven for you bringing you joy and wonderful peace.
Magnolia TC 1 L.F. Low 2015-06-22 Cease laboring, give up, let God
Attitudes part 2 L.F. Low 2014-09-05 Changing Attitudes
Confusion Is Not From God L.F. Low 2015-09-09 Confusion, doubt and fear keep us from trusting the only one we should be trusting. This might help you overcome those downfalls.
Magnolia TC 2 L.F. Low 2015-06-22 Control your mind to Renew your mind
Whipping Depression L.F. Low 2015-09-28 Depression can be whipped - come on you can do it.
Do Not Miss God's Best L.F. Low 2015-10-08 Don't miss God's best.
He IS Alive L.F. Low 2015-10-19 Don't you dare doubt it - He IS ALIVE
Angels - end of the story L.F. Low 2014-10-01 end of Angels message
Magnolia TC 6 L.F. Low 2015-06-25 Enjoy your struggles thE results could be awesome.
Two Death Threats L.F. Low 2015-07-16 Every Christian faces two death threats aimed at destroying your salvation.
The Remedy for Everything L.F. Low 2015-01-22 Every situation you will ever face has a remedy. this is how you remedy EVERYTHING.
Clean the Inside of Your Cup L.F. Low 2014-11-06 Everyone has Crud in their cup - not cleaning it is living in Hypocrisy
You Need Only BELIEVE L.F. Low 2014-10-07 Faith levels the playing field for all. Just believe and you have all that God is accessible to you.
Faith Powered By Love L.F. Low 2015-09-28 Faith Powered by love is all that counts.
Fear Is Not Natural to God's Children L.F. Low 2015-09-16 Fear causes you to produce what you are afraid of. Fear does not belong to you.
Our Weapons Are Not Flesh L.F. Low 2015-08-03 Flesh cannot do anything positive when dealing with the ISSUES of LIFE.
Forgiveness L.F. Low 2014-11-18 Forgiveness from the heart - what it is and how it's done.
Its For Freedom Christ had Made us Free L.F. Low 2016-05-23 Freedom
God Knows Everything L.F. Low 2014-09-30 God Knows Everything so why don't we ask Him rather than guess or assume?
Rejoice For God Knows Right Where You Are L.F. Low 2015-07-30 God Knows what you have had to go through and what you have done and He is still in favor of you and loves you.
Let Go n Believe L.F. Low 2015-02-16 God's word for those who can't seem to let things go
There is Coming a Day L.F. Low 2014-09-29 Having a life that produces peace, quietness and confidence is not as difficult as you might think.
The Healing Process part 2 L.F. Low 2014-11-08 Helping the hurting find perfect inner peace.
To Know Him and the Fellowship in His Sufferings L.F. Low 2015-05-14 How we fellowship in Christ's Suffetings.
Are You Being Driven by the Torturers L.F. Low 2015-08-19 If some past indecent or someone who once hurt you continues to haunt you, you may be being driven by the torturers.
Just Believe L.F. Low 2015-07-09 Keep your life simple and just believe. Make a choice and Believe.
Doing It Right and Failing L.F. Low 2014-11-03 Keeping all the rules and doing everything perfectly and you can still fail.
Guarding Your Heart 41 L.F. Low 2014-11-17 Learning what your heart is according to scripture and how to guard it.
Battle within the Mind L.F. Low 2015-02-26 Live a life of sanity in an insane world.
Entering God's rest L.F. Low 2015-05-30 Living in turmoil is disobedience to God. Quit protecting and perfecting yourself and rest.
How to Love the Unlovable 44 L.F. Low 2014-11-19 Love is much more than a feeling - Loving the unlovable is possible.
Simplifying Love 48 L.F. Low 2014-12-01 Making the act of loving one another easier than it appears on the surface.
Truth L.F. Low 2015-03-17 No Truth, No Life
Reclaiming Your Identity 23 L.F. Low 2014-10-08 Part of class room lecture.
Prayer that Will Change Your Life L.F. Low 2015-08-12 Prayer that will change your life if you write them on your heart and speak them as a faith statement.
To Change Your Fruit You Must Change Your Roots L.F. Low 2014-09-18 Problems and poor behavior are the fruits of our life. Condemning yourself for bad behavior is only picking the bad fruit.
Science is Catching Up L.F. Low 2015-06-15 Quantum Physics is proving everything God has declared.
Prayers God Wont Answer L.F. Low 2014-10-29 Quit asking God to do what He has given us to do.
Being Found Faithful 46 L.F. Low 2014-11-25 Quit asking God to make you faithful; here is how to be found faithful - someone others can count on.
Reclaiming Your Identity 25 L.F. Low 2014-10-08 Reclaiming Your Identity Lecture
Reclaiming Your Identity 28 L.F. Low 2014-10-09 Reclaiming Your Identity Lecture
Reclaiming Your Identity 29 L.F. Low 2014-10-09 Reclaiming Your Identity Lecture
Renewing Your Mind 43 L.F. Low 2014-11-18 Renewing the Mind is more than memorizing - It's experiencing God.
The word, word in Scripture L.F. Low 2015-07-17 Rhema and Logos, what's the difference
Keep Quiet - Get Nothing L.F. Low 2015-07-27 Speaking aloud to God is the difference between having your prayers answered or getting nothing.
Do All Things Without Complaining L.F. Low 2014-10-09 Steering clear of negativity.
The Cost of Disobediance L.F. Low 2014-12-20 Stepping away from God's will for your life is a direct act of disobedience.
Spiritual Gifts in Operation L.F. Low 2014-10-08 Testimony concerning the operation of Spiritual Gifts.
Genesis of Faith L.F. Low 2015-02-02 The origin of Faith, how it is increased and made genuine.
Magnolia TC 4 L.F. Low 2015-06-23 The Power than never fails - and how we become able to love our enemies.
The Healing Process part 1 L.F. Low 2014-11-08 The process of helping hurting people find emotional peace.
It's All About Truth 50 L.F. Low 2015-01-08 The Sin issue has been resolved, now we must live by Truth.
Why We Don't Love One Another and How L.F. Low 2015-03-29 There is a good reason we don't love one another as we have been commanded and what to do about it.
Angels L.F. Low 2014-10-01 There is more going for us than against us.
It takes Power to Live Victoriously L.F. Low 2015-08-10 To many Christians are trying to live the promised victorious life in their own power & that's the problem.
Its All or Nothing L.F. Low 2014-10-22 to receive Gods best we must be all in or nothing.
By Faith We Understand L.F. Low 2015-08-17 Too many people think backward; they feel that if they understand it will help their faith. That's Backward logic in the Kingdom of God.
Baptism in the Holy Spirit L.F. Low 2014-09-04 Understanding the Baptism
What Happens When You Pray In Tongues L.F. Low 2014-09-12 Understanding the importance of praying in tongues and what is taking place.
Covenants 1 L.F. Low 2014-08-28 Understanding the New Covenant
Covenants II - part 2 L.F. Low 2014-08-04 Understanding the New Covenant
Unity brings Growth to the Body L.F. Low 2014-08-29 Unity withing the body of Christ is a growth hormone to the body.
Why We Can't Love Each Other 60 L.F. Low 2015-03-29 We are commanded to love one another SO why don't we.
Fighting God's Way L.F. Low 2014-08-20 We have more going for us than against us.
Life in the Spirit - Life in the flesh? L.F. Low 2015-04-13 What does it mean to walk in the Spirit and how do we do it
The Power and Purpose of Tong u es L.F. Low 2015-05-14 What happens when you pray in tongues.
Controlling Your Mind L.F. Low 2015-03-15 What is your mind focused on?
Magnolia TC 3 L.F. Low 2015-06-22 What Renewing the Mind looks like in everyday life.
Parable of the Sower L.F. Low 2014-08-28 What type of Soil are you?
What are you focusing on? L.F. Low 2015-05-30 What you look at and think about is where you will end up.
Fellowshipping with Christ in our Sufferings L.F. Low 2015-05-14 What's all this stuff about suffering?
Perfect Love Has No Fear 57 L.F. Low 2015-03-12 Why we cannot love our brother as the Lord commanded.
Choose Today Whom you will serve L.F. Low 2015-05-30 You can't live in two kingdoms.
Sin Has No Power Over You L.F. Low 2014-10-06 You have a NEW nature. Quit living like you are a sinner.
Waging War and Winning Everytime L.F. Low 2014-11-17 You must fight the battles of your mind or you will never be free. This is how to win the war.
You want all of Holy Spirit you can Get L.F. Low 2015-05-14 You Want The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and why
Your Faith Moves Mountains - if You Belive L.F. Low 2015-01-09 Your Faith can literally change your reality - if you can believe.
Magnolia TC 5 L.F. Low 2015-06-24 Your words are killing you or curing you. How to guard your heart.

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The "Real Deal" Newsletter

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2012 .Nov. Real Deal L.F. Low 2012-11-15 Nov 2012 Real Deal
2013 Oct Real Deal L.F. Low 2013-10-11 2013 Oct Real Deal
2014 Oct Real Deal L.F. Low 2014-10-16 Copy of Oct 2014 Real Deal
2014 Aug. Real Deal L.F. Low 2014-08-15 Aug 2014 Real Deal
2014 July Real Deal L.F. Low 2014-07-15 July 2014 Real Deal
2012 July Real Deal L.F. Low 2012-07-01 The Real Deal - July 2012 - Ministry Newsletter

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Articles, Editorials & Blog Posts

File Name Author File Created Description
Accidentally Provoking Children L.F. Low 2012-01-01 learning how to deal with your children
Addictions - Not Disease! L.F. Low 2012-01-01 “Experts” find Addictions not a Disease
Bonsai Potatos L.F. Low 2012-01-01 Inner peace is not found in any item.
Call for help- before its too late! L.F. Low 2012-01-01 Don't wait until it is too late! Call out for help!
Christian Cannibals Amanda M. Allen 2012-01-01 This teaching answers many questions of serious Bible students studying the Lord's teaching in John chapter 6 concerning eating His body and drinking His blood.
The Common Quest of Man L.F. Low 2012-01-01 The Common Quest of Man has been seeking inner peace, but true inner peace comes only from God
Dealing With the Real Issues of Life L.F. Low 2012-01-01 Dealing With the Real Issues of Life is about getting to the root issue, not just picking bad fruit!
Growing Up Through Life's Struggles L.F. Low 2012-01-01 James 1:2-3 “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”
Hearing the Voice of God L.F. Low 2012-01-01 How to hear the voice of God speak to you!
I Need More Help L.F. Low 2012-01-01 Learn how to overcome depression, not just cope with it!
Let God Speak for Himself L.F. Low 2012-01-01 Learn why it is so vitally important that we let God speak to the hurting.
Making Sense Out of Sadness L.F. Low 2012-01-01 Learn how to make sense out of sadness
Meditation Revelation L.F. Low 2014-01-01 “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.”
Same-Sex Marriage L.F. Low 2014-01-01 Same-sex Marriage a recipe for national disaster
Spiritual Apathy L.F. Low 2012-01-01 Escape the slow death of spiritual apathy
To Know HIm L.F. Low 2017-08-06 No suffering with Christ, no power of Christ
Voice of Love L.F. Low 2016-05-23 VOL
The War on Drugs Will Never be Won L.F. Low 2012-01-01 The War on Drugs Will Never be Won the way we are fighting it now
We Can Do Better for our Heroes L.F. Low 2012-07-02 Hope for those suffering with PTSD
What God can do through YOU L.F. Low 2012-01-01 What are you expecting God to do for you or through you?
Working Out Your Own Salvation L.F. Low 2012-01-01 "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.”

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