Master's Touch Testimonials

Master's Touch / ZOE Ministries has been a part of our lives for over 20 years now. What we've been blessed to be a part of has been very well received by individuals as well as pastors from all over Iowa. Our hope is that you will be encouraged from the following testimonies as the Lord truly does want to see emotional healing for all His children.
"Larry & Dixie Low are a called couple to minister to the New Testament Church at a time such as this. The body of Christ (church) is fragmented to the point of many broken pieces and Larry & Dixie are there to bring Ephesians 4:3 to pass. Their hearts are turned to the hurting, confused, crippled, disillusioned, struggling trying to serve God with mixed feeling. They take the time to show the way from where you are, to where you desire to be. They have ministered to this church several times and have ministered to me personally. Their desire is for the church to be whole and complete. I do highly recommend this couple to minister to all the body of believers. All will be moved upward for the glory of God, in Christ Jesus."

Pastor Chester Render
New Life Fellowship, Keswick IA
"What an encouraging weekend! To God be the glory - but thanks for being willing vessels. Already this morning I've been contacted regarding this weekend and what a blessing it was. I just wanted to extend my/our thanks and appreciation for not only your ministry to our personal lives and congregation, but also for the friendship you've shown. May God richly bless you!"

Pastor Russell A . Kinney
Altoona Assembly of God, Altoona IA
"This is so wonderfully amazing and definitely in the image of our Father God- the freedom with which He sets us free!!! From an analytical perspective-the ole cognitive-what took place this past Wednesday was of seemingly minimal impact BUT... From the spiritual, HALLELUJAH WHAT A DIFFERENCE A "CONFESSION" WITH FEELING AND AN AFFIRMATION FROM JESUS CAN DO!!! In the natural one would say this is unbelievable, but of course I ain't about to say that now am I. : ) We both anticipate and are even working towards our next visit . . . Now we are cementing the work the Holy Spirit began and completed and shall continue. (I Corinthians 9:24-27) Thank you both for being in God's perfect will. Praise God for His perfect will. Hallelujah for His unchanging mercies and grace."

Pastor Daniel Sutton
Victory Life Christian Center, Sidney IA
"About 10 years ago I got acquainted with the ministry of Larry & Dixie Low and have had a great respect for them and their ministry. In recent years Larry & Dixie's studies have led them into an inner healing ministry which we have had first hand experience with and have witnessed the miraculous results of. We have seen people set free from emotional pain that we have sent to them for help, and after having Larry & Dixie show us their materials and going through some of the training, we also have been able to minister healing to some of our congregations as well as others coming to us from various sources. The ministry of emotional healing that Larry & Dixie have been promoting is probably the greatest thing that has happened in our ministry since we started 32 years ago. My wife and I have seen many people set free from emotional bondage with this training and I believe that as a pastor the skills that can be gained under Larry & Dixie's training are vital to the health and welfare of people everywhere."

Pastor Jim Sears
Christian Life Center, Newton IA
"As I write today I realize that it had been two months since Larry & Dixie spent a week ministering to us. As I look back and think of the positive impact that the Low's ministry has had on our church, I can also look to today and say that fruit from their ministry truly does remain. Concerning ministering to the emotional hurts of our people, I must admit that I was a bit concerned, realizing that certain methods have left individuals confused and worse off than when they started. However the Low's minister much differently. I observed as Larry & Dixie simply directed the meetings while allowing the Word of God and the Spirit of God the liberty to bring forth the truth and healing that was necessary. They permitted God to minister to His own people and were merely facilitators of the meetings."

Pastor Neil Peek
The Word Generation Church, Stillwater OK
"It was a great pleasure having you stay in our home and minister the Word of God to God's people in Correctionville. We believe you hit a home run, made a touchdown, scored a three-pointer, etc. People are still talking about what they learned and how they are applying it to their lives. We had testimonies the next Sunday of what Jesus did for them the last week. It was inspiring to say the least."

"We can think of nothing left undone. We ask the people to be praying about going to the next level - Raising the Bar - for our congregation and its outreach ministry. We believe many will agree that the Restoration Ministry is the next level. We believe that as people are restored themselves they will share the ministry with others that they might be restored as well. We are so glad that your ministry fits a need that we have at this time. We are so glad that you are so available."

Thank you again for your ministry.

Keith and Lila
Correctionville Assembly of God, Correctionville, IA


Please contact us if you feel we can be helpful to your church, organization, group, or individual ministry. We feel very blessed to minister as the Lord leads.