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Greetings Friend,

I am Pastor Larry Low; author, teacher, and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as a mentor or life coach to the hurting. My goal in life is to help the hurting turn their inner turmoil into perfect inner peace.

Many years ago the Lord called me into His service and when He did he gave me a mission. His command to me was to call people out of spiritual apathy and teach people to live a lifestyle of genuine Christianity.

I have been following His command for over 42 years now and He has led me to some incredible places. I have been around the world several times now and have ministered in big city churches, small country churches, and brush arbors in the jungles to open air platforms in the desert. We have slept in dirt floor huts to granite floored mansions and the problems are the same around the world - life creates much pain that we need to deal with or we go crazy.

Dealing with the pains of life is not as difficult as the 'experts' and the 'religious' would have you believe. In fact, Jesus came to this earth over 2,000 years ago with the plan and purpose of healing the broken hearted. Religion has hidden His plan under piles of rhetoric, ceremonies, traditions of men and guilt. However, I have good news for you.

For many years now I have been helping hurting people find perfect inner peace by teaching them how to communicate with God. You see, every heart issue of man is quickly resolved through conversations with the Master Himself. That is His plan. Freedom is His promise and you can have that freedom once you learn how to effectively communicate with God.

What does Freedom look like? Perfect inner peace during life's battles and rest that lowers our blood pressure, increases you confidence causing you to fly higher than you ever thought possible. The Bible says it this way. "The work of righteousness is peace and the affects of righteousness is quietness and confidence forever." (Isaiah 32:17)

Please browse around my website. Everything in this website is your opportunity to learn how to turn your inner pain and turmoil into perfect inner peace.

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Please enjoy my friend and whatever you do, keep in touch.